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Client Rotator Link Stats

You can give a client limited access to a click statistics if desired. To activate client stats for a rotator link, enter a password in the “Clients Stats Password” field when creating or editing a rotator link.

The URL you give the client to access the limited stats page is located on the create new click tracker or edit an existing click tracker page. It is located in the click tracker links section of the page. It is titled client stats URL.

Accessing this page displays the following statistics.

General Information:
The rotator link description, URL, the date it received it’s first click and the date of the last click received.

Summary Click Stats:
A summary of all clicks sent. These include clicks today, clicks yesterday, clicks the last 7 days, clicks the last 30 days, total clicks to date, tier 1 country clicks and tier 1 country percentage of clicks sent.

GEO Stats:
Total clicks are displayed for each country sent. The data is displayed using a world map as well as a in a table. Percentages are also displayed. You can hover your mouse cursor over a country in the map to see the total clicks sent from that country.

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