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Creating and Managing IP Blocking Lists

If you need to block traffic from specific IP addresses to a link in a rotator, you can create an IP blocking list. Any traffic from the IP addresses in the blocking list will not be sent to any link you set the blocking list for.

You can create as many IP blocking lists as you want. To create a list or delete an existing one, access the IP Blocking List page by clicking on the “IP Blocking Lists” menu item in the “Rotators” sub menu.

This page is divided in to the following sections.

IP Blocking Lists

This section lists the existing IP blocking lists and the number of IP addresses each one contains. You can also delete any list that you no longer need by clicking the Delete button for the list you would like to delete.

Add New IP Blocking List

This section let’s you create a new empty IP blocking list. Just enter the description you would like to reference the list by and click on the Save button.

Import IP Blocking List

This section let’s you import a text file that contains one IP address per line into a list. Just select the list you would like to import a file to and then click the browse button to select the text file to import.

To import the text file, click on the Import button.

Please note that if you are importing a list into an existing IP blocking list that contains IP addresses, the current IP addresses will be deleted. The IP addresses in the text file will replace all IP addresses for the selected list.

To set a link to use an IP blocking list, set the IP Blocking list field for the link to the desired list. You can do this when creating a new rotator link or while editing an existing one.

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