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How to Test a Click Rotator

Click rotators can be extremely difficult to test by a single person. The ease or difficulty of testing a click rotator is also determined by the settings of the rotator and the settings of each individual link in the click rotator.

When testing a click rotator you need to look at, be aware of and fully understand each setting you are using.

Here are a few things to keep in mind when testing a new click rotator.

If you are using a smart rotator, when you personally click on it’s link multiple times, you will rotate through the list of links only one time. After that, each time you click you will go to the rotators default URL over and over. Remember, it records your IP address and knows not to send you to the same link in the rotator twice.

If a link in the rotator has been delivered all the clicks it has been set to receive, it will be skipped in the rotation.

Remember that a visitor can be rejected by a link in the rotator if they do not meet the settings criteria you established for it. If they do not meet the settings criteria for any of the links, they will be sent to the default click rotator URL.

When designing a click rotator or when chaining several click rotators together, make sure every click has an exit. If a combination of settings can’t handle a specific visitor you could end up with an endless loop or a 500 server error.

One of the best ways to test a new click rotator is to just throw some traffic at it. Then check the stats and see if they are what you expected.

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