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Custom Reports

My Click Boss Pro also has a variety of custom reports. These are in addition to regular statistics pages available.

Custom reports will be available directly from My Click Boss Pro as well as value added resellers, and other third parties.

If you have an idea for a custom report, please submit your idea to the support desk. All submissions will be considered for inclusion with My Click Boss Pro or as an add-on custom report.

To access the custom reports currently installed on your installation of My Click Boss Pro, simply click on the “Reports” menu item in the main menu.

To generate an report, just click on the reports name. A new tab or window will open and the report will be generated and displayed.

To install additional reports, just follow the instructions that comes with the add-on reports. It’s usually as simple as just uploading a few files to the admin/reports folder on your server. They will automatically be added to the reports list page.

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