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Disabling a Link in a Rotator

If you ever need to temporarily disable a link in a click rotator, follow these steps.

Click on “List Click Rotators” in the “Click Rotators” sub menu.

You can use the search box to locate a specific click rotator or group of click rotators. You can also sort on each column by clicking on the header cell of the column. You can reverse the order by clicking on the header cell a second time.

Once you have located the click rotator you would like to disable a link in, click on the “Links” button for the click rotator. This will bring up a list of links in the click rotator.

Locate the link you would like to disable.

Click the “Active” status button for the link you want to disable. The button will change to “Suspended.” To reverse this action, click the “Suspended” button to change it to “Active.”

Optionally you can also click on the links description to bring up the edit link page.

Then change the “Link Status” to suspended and then click on the “Update” button.

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