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Editing an Existing Click Trade

To edit an existing click trade, follow these steps.

If the click trade you would like to edit is an active click trade, click on “List Click Trades” in the “Click Trades” sub menu.

If the click trade you would like to edit is an archived click trade, click on “Click Trade Archives” in the “Click Trades” sub menu.

A list of click trades will be displayed. Use the search or browsing functions to locate the desired click trade.

Click on the click trades description. This will bring up the Edit Click Trade page.

Here is a list of the available fields and their uses when editing an existing click trade.

Enter a description for this click trade. The description is used to help you identify this particular click trade in lists that contain multiple click trades.

Inbound Tracker:
Can’t be edited.

Outbound Tracker:
Can’t be edited.

Trade Status:
This field determines if this click trade appears in the main click trades list or the archived click trades list. You can move a click trade back and forth between these two lists. You can set this field to either Active or Archived.

You can keep any notes about this click trade in this field.

Once you have edited the desired fields, don’t forget to click on the “Update” button to save the changes made to the click trade.

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