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How to Create a Pixel Redirector

My Click Boss Pro lets you create as many pixel redirectors as you want. Simply fill out the following fields and then click on the Save button to create and add a new pixel redirector. Once the new pixel redirector has been saved, the screen will refresh and display the URL you will use to send traffic through the new pixel redirector you just created.

To create a new pixel redirector click on “Add New Pixel Redirector” in the “Pixel Redirectors” sub menu. This will bring you to the add new pixel redirector page.

Please note that not all fields are required. Just fill in the fields that you need, for the pixel redirector to perform in the manner you desire.

Here is a list of the available fields and their uses when creating a new pixel redirector.

Destination URL:
Enter the URL of the page you want to track in this field. The click will be redirected to this page once all data has been collected.

s = Page Slug (page location):
Enter a string of letters and numbers to describe the page this pixel redirector will be tracking.

t = Pixel Type (ex: optin, sale):
Enter the type of pixel you want to designate this pixel redirector as. Use letters and numbers only.

d = Display Counts On Lists (y or n):
Select Yes from the dropdown if you want to have counts of this pixel firing on lists. Otherwise select No.

a = Dollar Value of Conversion:
If you want to track the value of this pixel redirector firing, enter the dollar amount in this field. Enter numbers and a decimal point only.

r = Record Pixel Fire For (d)efault, (f)irst, (l)ast, (a)ll or specific (c)lick tracker:
Select the click tracker you want this pixel redirector to be assigned to when it is fired.

q = Record as an Action For Quick View Stats (y or n):
Select Yes from the dropdown if you want this pixel redirector to display fire counts as actions for quick view stats. Otherwise select No.

c = Click Tracker Code (only used if r=c):
If you selected a specific click tracker as the r value above, enter the click tracker code in this field.

Pixel Redirector Code (Optional):
If you would like to create a unique code to reference this pixel redirector, enter it in this field. It can contain only characters and numbers. Leave this field blank to have a unique code auto generated for you.

Don’t forget to click the Save button to create the new pixel redirector.

When the page refreshes, the Pixel Redirector Link will be displayed at the bottom of the page. This is the link you will use for this pixel redirector.

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