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How to Fulfill Clicks to a Specific Link Faster

If you need to send as many clicks as you can to a specific link in a rotator as fast as you can, you have options. You can send clicks faster to a link by using these options.

Set a Link to Priority

You can set a link in a rotator to have priority over all other links in the rotator. This will cause the rotator to send all qualified clicks to the selected link when ever possible until all clicks have been sent.

You can set multiple links to have priority. The rotator will still only send to one priority link. But, once a links clicks have been sent, it will start sending to the next priority link. The roator looks for priority links in link position order.

To set a link as a priority link, set the “Priority Link?” field to Yes. You can do this when creating a rotator link or while editing one.

Use a Rotators Link Direct Link

You can send traffic directly to a specific link by sending clicks to it’s direct link. If the link can’t use the click, the click will be sent on to the rotator to be used instead.

To find a rotators link direct link, go to the link like you are going to edit it. At the bottom of the page you will see the rotators link direct link URL to use.

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